Legends of Avallen

A tabletop RPG of humble beginnings and epic deeds inspired by Celtic mythology and Roman-occupied Britain

Legends aren't born, they are forged

On a mythical island where gods and empires clash, a band of humble townsfolk will rise up to become legends and sway the fate of Avallen by choosing a side.

To tell that tale, you will quest across the island seeking out lost relics, outwitting terrific beasts, and venturing into the entrancing Otherworld of the Fae.

Avallen needs legends.
How will you forge yours?

  • We want to push gameplay away from the rules and into your imagination with a fast-paced system that rewards teamwork, creativity, and resourcefulness

  • Designed to be immediately approachable for new players and gamemasters alike,
    Legends of Avallen uses a deck of playing cards and gradually introduces rules as you advance


  • The simple but flexible character creation coupled with a deep progression system will have you experiencing inspiring stories with characters that grow both in person and in power

Not yet an adventurer...

Shepherd, blacksmith, scribe, barmaid— you are a humble townsperson from an Imperial town who is waiting for the chance to make something more of yourself.

  • ​​To make a character in Legends of Avallen you choose your Profession school, attributes, and personal aspects.

  • Your chosen Profession sets your starting ability. After beginning your adventure you will choose a class to learn Martial or Magic schools from.

  • Your innate Physical and Mental potential is described by your ranks in four attributes: Agility, Vigour, Wit, and Spirit.

  • For social scenes, your character is described by the personal aspects you choose for your Motivation, Virtue, and Flaw.

  • As your legend grows you will gain a unique playstyle by following a legendary path such as the shapeshifting Druid or the weapon-mastering Gladiator.

  • As your character grows, they will have to face up to their Flaw. Whether they fail or succeed will determine if their Legend is one of tragedy or redemption.

Your Character

You do not belong to any of these factions, at least not yet. To join them you will need to earn a Title by performing quests for their favour. Who will you side with and how will you earn their trust?

Avallen Cultures

The Vallic

The Vallic are proud Iron-age peoples who call the hills and meadows of Avallen home. Their tribes are lead by Warrior Chiefs and Druidic Conclaves and each claims ancestry to a different kind of Fae. Vallic pride was wounded when the Imperial army overran their southern shores. They revere the magics of nature and worship the Ever-Ones of the Otherworld.

The Raxian Empire

The Imperial Raxian army invaded Avallen a generation ago and while most Vallic tribes resisted some did not. The Raxian Arbiters brought urban living, conscription, and taxes to the Vallic under their dominion in the South. The Raxians overthrew their own Gods and elect Emperors as their deities but some worship the Ever-Ones while in Avallen to ward them from the Otherworld.

The Fae

The Fae is the name given to a variety of mysterious creatures that are said to be the children of the Ever-Ones. They are found in natural places where the land of Avallen borders the Otherworld. Stories speak of travelers who unwittingly wander into this entrancing realm, only escaping after earning the blessing of an Ever-One through a trying task.

Game Design

The Basics


You need only a deck of playing cards to enjoy Legends of Avallen. When you take a risky action, simply make a check by revealing the top two cards of the deck. Red cards help your Physical actions while Black cards help your Mental actions.

Story Informed

Legends of Avallen is influenced by how you take your actions. The more Aspects of your surroundings that you take advantage of and the more your allies assist you, the more cards you get to utilise for a check.

For Players


Legends of Avallen requires strategy and creativity. Use open-ended abilities, flexible spells, and thought-out teamwork to defeat legendary creatures with a few decisive actions rather than many repeated ones.

Play with Failure

Failure leads to tough choices, not the end of your play. Strain your character or their equipment to alter the result of a check; or accept your failure and gain an Edge for a future action which you can also gift to an ally instead.

For GMs

Build Great Quests

Easily create compelling content by adding your ideas to premade Scene, Chapter, and Quest structures. Generate balanced combats by filling encounter slots with Swarms, Minions, Grunts, Elites, and Bosses.

Engaging GM Tools

Find out what your players' characters care about most by raising the stakes with Fate Cards. Fate Cards represent risk and the passage of time in tense situations. When a player tempts Fate, the cards will decide if there are consequences.

Concept Artists

We value incredible art and are fortunate to be working with a number of talented illustrators that are helping to bring Legends of Avallen to life.

Adventure Art

Ricardo Herrera
aka Ardoric

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Character Art

Tom Trengrove

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Settlement Art

Wasan Techawibulchai

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Card Art

Jane Chong

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