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How does leveling and choosing abilities work?
You gain a new ability when you level up. You level up after your second quest, as well as each two quests you complete after that. Every first quest you complete each level earns you a new attribute rank. So, when you complete a quest you alternate between earning an attribute rank and learning an ability with a level up.

When you learn a new ability, you can choose from:

  • The next ability of a school you already have learnt from (abilities must be learnt in order: I, II, then III). The third ability of any school can only be learnt after you reach level 10.

  • The first ability of a new profession school.

  • The first ability of a new martial or magic school of your class.

  • The first ability of a new martial or magic school of your legendary path's other class (if it has one).

Can disadvantages be advantages for others?
Yes, in situations where a character is disadvantaged, a character acting against them will be advantaged because of that, and vice versa. For example, a character wearing heavy armour is disadvantaged with magic. This means that spells cast against them are advantaged.

How do Minion and Swarm advantages work?
Minions and Swarms are made up of multiple creatures that work together to take a single action each turn. Each creature after the first advantages that action. These advantages are only given for a single action they take each round, and are not given when defending.

Book Errata


In the Spellcasting section, the rules on page 102 correctly state that to have a spell affect a space its complexity must be raised by +3. However, the example box incorrectly states it is raised +2.

GM's Guide
Under Generate Equipment on page 171, it incorrectly suggests that Apprentice and Adventurer tier players should scrounge and earn fine equipment. This should be basic equipment. 

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